Homemade Granola

My latest healthy baking attempts have been a disaster, and each time I swear its the last time. Then I pull up my socks and refuse to give in. With my confidence being knocked I needed to try something requiring minimal ingredients and instructions!

My sister has mentioned a few times that I should make homemade granola, and I happen to have a load of oats, nuts and dates mixed together after an earlier baking disaster. I just added honey and melted butter (or you can use oil apparently) till it was lightly coated and baked in an oven, stirring every so often so it baked evenly. I brought it out when it was golden brown all over and crunchy.

Yum! It was a big hit with me, and more miraculously, my kids. Even my extremely fussy eater came back for seconds.

Next time I’m going to use this proper recipe and make it even more delicious mmmmm!