Learning BSL

I love to read and blog, when I’m able, but then I thought I should probably use some of my brain power (when I have it) to learn a new skill. A new skill can boost confidence, widen your social circle and open up opportunities.

My sister is a qualified interpreter in British Sign Language. She taught me a bit of sign when my eldest was younger and wasn’t speaking. It worked a treat in helping us communicate with him. It also got me thinking how necessary learning sign language is to be able to communicate with a large percentage of people who use it as their only form of communication.

I started by learning the alphabet

and then found these great videos on YouTube to kick me off.

And if I needed more reasons to learn sign language, then I really like these that I found on the Deafbecomesher blog.

Are you or have you learned any new skills? Have they been of benefit? Tell me how in the comments 😊


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