Word of Wisdom

Summer is my favourite season. I absolutely adore and mentally thrive being outdoors, and I’m able to be out a little more because warmth helps a little.

We eat a lot of junk though, everybody would rather be outside doing something fun than cook a meal. So we end up with the processed, easy option.

In one of my previous posts I wrote about mindful eating. I’ve really tried to incorporate this into my life. My healthy eating ebbs and flows throughout the year, but being mindful of my eating helps me take away the guilt and has encouraged me to increase the healthier food throughout the unhealthy periods of my diet because I am aware that my body needs the right fuel. I definitely recommend it, if you are looking to change your lifestyle for the long term.

I’ve spent a lot of the past few years trying to work out what diet is right for my health and now I have a family I want to find the diet that will fit with all of us. There’s a lot of advice out there. It takes a while to sift through it all and decide which is right. My church have a Word of Wisdom which is a health code we’re expected to live by.

The principles of the Word of Wisdom are
• Abstaining from alcohol, tea and coffee, tobacco and drugs.
• Eat meat sparingly.
• Make use of herbs and grains.
We are also advised to
• Avoid extremes and fads.

While sifting through all the information there is about diets and food, I think these are good, sound principles to follow that make healthy sense.

It also promises great things as a result of living by it, such as

“health in their navel and marrow to their bones;

And shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures;

And shall run and not be weary, and shall walk and not faint”

D&C 89:18-20

Although I like the idea of running and not be weary and walking and not feeling faint very much the quote below says, it is not a promise of perfect health right now, but it will keep your mind and body working to the best that it is able.

When you have an illness without known cause or cure it’s easy to spend countless hours searching for the key to perfect health and try all sorts of remedies. Some help, some don’t, but giving your mind and body it’s best fighting chance just makes sense to me.

I hope you are enjoying summer as much as you are able 😀


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