Arbonne CC Cream review 

I think I’m getting to grips with pampering myself. First Shellac nails and then last week I had a gathering with some of my lovely mummy friends for an Arbonne Makeup party. I don’t think I’ll be doing it again soon, thanks to the ME payback, but it was fun. It was nice to be pampered and catch up with the girls.

I did the party as a favour to my friend from the school run, who is an Arbonne Consultant. I wasn’t expecting to buy, but I took an interest in their CC cream.

I’m relatively new to makeup, I’ve only been wearing foundation for a couple of years and only once a week if that. My friend told me this CC cream did everything. Instead of concealer, foundation etc I would only need to apply this cream. Making makeup easy and quick is a big selling point for me so I was eager to try it.

According to Arbonne:

Arbonne Intelligence® CC Cream hydrates to protect skin’s moisture barrier, mattifies, soothes, and evens the look of skin tone. It provides lightweight coverage that minimizes the look of pores while concealing blemishes and dark spots. Formulated with nurturing botanicals for a healthier, dewy-looking complexion. Whether you have a late night or long day, this CC Cream will keep your skin looking beautiful. Beauty and smarts — Arbonne Intelligence CC Cream has it covered.

All the ladies at my party tried the CC cream and it was interesting to see that two of them looked remarkably better with the CC cream compared to the makeup they were wearing when they arrived. You couldn’t tell they were wearing it and yet their skin looked a lot more healthy and fresh looking. I didn’t notice much of a change with some of them, which is a good thing too. It provided the same coverage as their foundation and looked as good on. With a couple of my friends though it didn’t have enough coverage for their needs and they looked better with the foundation.

I have ‘normal‘ skin  and don’t really need too much coverage. My problem is that, thanks to sleep deprivation, I have dark circles round my eyes. I always use concealer and I was worried the CC cream wasn’t going to be enough to cover it.

I also really love the contoured look with makeup and was told the CC cream would be enough for me.

I took a couple of before and after photos so you can see how it looks. I also asked my sister, who has sensitive red, patchy and dry skin to take before and after photos. We both used the Light CC Cream (it comes in 4 shades fair, light, medium and dark).

Here’s my before:

Before – hate selfies, but needs must!

And after


Here’s my sisters before

And after

For me it doesn’t do a great job at covering my dark circles (and that’s with adding a bit more around my eyes) but it does give me a bit of warmer colour in my face and I love the feel of it. It glides on and goes a little further than my foundation. It feels really light and smooth on, like I’m not wearing anything.

I think it looks fabulous on my sister though. It lasts all day on her also, and she’s not sensitive to it.

If I use it instead of foundation with concealer, bronzer and blusher I think I’d like it more than my usual foundation. I like that it has good ingredients, Arbonne pride themselves on being the best of science and nature and I think you can tell their product is quality. I also like how it feels on.

The downsides are the price, I got a good deal because I hosted the party, but the full price (£31) is a bit more than I like to spend on one makeup item. And it’s not a cream that does everything like they lead me to believe, in order to look good I’d still need to use other products so it’s not a quick and easy solution, for me anyway!
Have you tried a CC Cream that works? Leave a comment and let me know 😊


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