Making the most of today 

One of my main coping strategies since I became ill is maintaining a hope and belief that I will get better and regain full health. My husband and I speak often about the things we will do and enjoy when I am better. I love to look forward to what lies ahead, but in doing so I sometimes feel frustrated with my ‘today’s’. We can miss out on many good things by constantly looking ahead. If we are mindful we will be able to see the gifts that each day brings and in turn we become happier and at peace with whatever situation we find ourselves in.

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Last week I was caught in the middle of feeling overwhelmed and bogged down by the kids loudness and mess-making and imagining us all on a family outing and myself being better, able to join them. I wasn’t happy and longed for the day my health would be better, but then I had the distinct impression that when that future came my kids would be older and I would miss this stage of their lives profoundly.

I’m reminded of the film ‘Click‘ with Adam Sandler. He is given a remote control that he can use to pause or fast forward his life. At first he enjoys being able to fast forward the boring or unpleasant parts of his life, but the remote control is clever and remembers what he forwards through and begins to fast forward more than Adam Sandler’s character would like him to. Before he knows it, huge chunks of his life have been skipped through and, now an old man, he realises how much of life he has missed – his kids have grown, his marriage has ended.

Fortunately for us we don’t have access to this kind of remote control and we can experience each day of our lives with all its joys and sorrows! When Adam Sandler went back to his normal life he was grateful for the good and the bad. Without this blessing of hindsight and doing life over again, it is up to us to make the most of each day, the good and the bad.

Some things that help me are:

Being aware – acknowledge each little moment of life. There’ll be some good in every day, even if it feels like a snippet.

Being grateful – saying/feeling thanks for  what you have. Sometimes it helps to write a list of at least 3 things that I’m thankful for.

Slowing down – when you’re busy, in thoughts or deeds, you don’t have time to appreciate what’s around you.

Meditate – meditation is a good way to slow down, clear the mind and feel peace. Through meditation we can feel calmer and more focused.

Treat everyone with kindness – being kind can uplift us, and help us think less of ourselves and our stresses.

Accomplish – have something to accomplish everyday,no matter how big or small. Ticking it off gives a good sense of purpose.

Laugh – laughing feels so good and can turn around a bad day.
What do you like to do help you make the most of each day? Leave a comment and let me know 😊


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