Shellac Nails 

When I was younger I wasn’t that interested in beauty treatments, and when I started having kids it seemed pointless. I’m covered in snot, sick and drool 99% of the time!

Then a few months back we had a pamper day in honour of my mum and it was so wonderful my eyes had been opened to what I’d been missing. My days entail looking after my kids and having to rest to recuperate so there’s no ‘me time’.

At the time I watched my sister paint my mum’s nails and I looked at my stubby nails in despair. During the next couple of weeks I grew them, and my husband, knowing my plight, had enquired at work and discovered a lady who was a mobile nail technician. Perfect!

I think I’d always felt that there wasn’t a need for having your nails done, previously. But after I’d had them done I couldn’t stop looking at them. They were beautiful and I felt like I was someone who makes an effort, who has their stuff together, rather than someone who has no energy to care. I loved having that time that was just mine too. My nails also feel so good, so smooth and strong.

Aren’t they beautiful! They’ve never looked so good! 

I had Shellac nails (gel manicure) and it took 45 mins to apply (I sat up for it, so took some preparation for rest before and after. I’m sure it could be done lying down as well, if it was easy to get to both hands.) My nails were completely dry as soon as they were finished. My lovely nail technician would work on one hand whilst the other hand was under UV rays drying. I chose the French manicure look as I love the natural look.

The gel makes my nails much stronger and durable. I was told I should get 2 weeks from them, 3-4 weeks if I was lucky. My husband’s colleague has her nails done once a month, so that’s what I was hoping for. Mine looked fantastic for two weeks, but I could really notice my nail growth in the third week and the gel had started to peel off from the bottom. Everybody else said they couldn’t tell, unless I pointed it out.

4 weeks and one nail down! 

We’re now in the fourth week and my nails have grown so much! I attempted to peel some carrots the other day too and chipped my nail which resulted in its demise when coupled with bending the nail backwards after washing my hands 😟 Definitely time to get them re-done, and I’m glad I went for the natural look. They’d look awful if I had half a colour on there.

NB. The gel is tough to remove and it’s suggested you DON’T try it yourself as it could damage your nails. Your nail technician will remove it with an acetone bath.
Do you spend your spoons on pampering? What do you enjoy? Tell me in the comments below 😊


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