S&J Crafting Creations 

I’m amazed by all crafters who have the ability to create things of beauty, but through blogging I have had the privilege of getting to know some truly inspirational people.

Sonia, from S&J Crafting Creations, is one of those people. I got to know of her work through Conscious Crafties on Twitter. I was drawn to each tweet I saw of hers as I loved each piece.

You’d never know by looking at her creations but she crafts from her bed. After an operation on her foot to remove a ganglion tumour she developed CRPS type 2 (complex regional pain syndrome). Since then it has spread throughout her body. Her arms and hands are unaffected and so she is able to craft.

In her own words “CRPS has rendered me bedbound, so all my crafts are made in my bed with an old hospital ‘over the bed’ table to craft on. There is no cure for CRPS and the type I have is untreatable, many times a day I do sit here and totally ‘lose it’ and wonder what my purpose on this earth is, and why do I bother to fight and survive every day and then my wonderful friends from the conscious Crafties group remind me that I do have a purpose in life and I’m not just another statistic in someone’s medical book.”

If her example and courage weren’t purpose enough her creations certainly make her efforts worthwhile. It was her beautiful jewellery that first caught my eye, such stunning designs varying in style and colour.

multi coloured bracelet

After perusing her Conscious Crafties page I discovered Sonia also handmade cards. Each card is unique and her decoupage arrangements fit the theme she intends perfectly. Wonderful designs for many occasions.

handmade decoupage card
I’m really impressed with her knitted and crocheted items. They look professional,  with the detail and she puts together lovely colour schemes. With an array of items from shawls to baby wear and footwear, there’s plenty of choice to keep you warm, comfy and looking good. My particular favourite are the converse slipper socks – so clever!

crocheted converse style slipper

For more information and to browse through S&J Crafting Creation’s products you can visit:

S&J Crafting Creations on Conscious Crafties website. 

And follow Sonia on

S&J Crafting Creations Facebook 




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