5 ways to enable Positive Thinking 

You are the masterpiece of your own life … And you do it with your thoughts.

I first started blogging as an online journal. Writing my thoughts and feelings about my ill health was cathartic.

Over the years though I began to see that if I spent too long dwelling on my illness and its affects it started to wear me down emotionally and took even more of a toll on my health.

the beginning of a diary entry
I had been seeing an osteopath for the Perrin Treatment and through our sessions she would impart her wisdom on other subjects as she believes a holistic approach is needed in order to have full recovery. As the practitioner massaged my head, neck, back and chest to drain the toxins out of my lymphatic system she also gave me a strict diet plan to ensure I wasn’t adding toxins to my system and she spoke about the benefits of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), meditation and visualisation.
The more I practised meditation, visualisation and EFT I realised the mistakes I had been unknowingly making  and how powerful the mind is. I began to see that when I focused on my symptoms life became all about my illness and I didn’t want it to define me.

It wasn’t, and still isn’t, easy to focus on positive things. The negative thoughts that come with the stresses and strains of everyday life seem to effortlessly affect me, whereas I need to make a conscious effort to change my thoughts into positive ones.

Some of the ways that help me are:

Being grateful – Think of all the things you have that you are grateful for. You’ll be surprised how many you can think of!

Surround yourself with creativity – Other people’s or your own. Art, music, books etc provide a great source of happiness, healing and a connection with our emotions.

positive affirmations
Positive affirmations and visualisation board – Focus on what you DO want, not what you don’t want.

I love this comprehensive list of affirmations, choose the ones that fit you and place them in places you’ll see every day.

Choose goals that you want to achieve in life and put a picture representing them on a board that you see daily. Imagine yourself doing those things everyday.

Laughter – There is no better stress reliever than a good laugh. My kids and husband are great for making me laugh. If I’m by myself I watch my favourite comedies, or search for funny videos on YouTube.

Change the negative thoughts – Negative thoughts will come, but when they come recognise it and quickly change it by singing a song or repeating an affirmation.

Meditation and EFT also helped me stay positive, as well as being beneficial in other areas. You can read more about meditation and Emotional Freedom Technique on MEcuperate.

Would you add to this list? What helps you to think positively? Leave a comment and let me know 😀


Simply Naturals Sizzling Minerals Review

*This is not an endorsement or an   advertisement for Simply Naturals Sizzling minerals. This is an honest, unbiased review.

Everyone I know seems to be jumping on the MLM (multi-led marketing) bandwagon. All of them offer ‘great rewards’ for hard working new recruits, and the majority of budding “entrepreneurs” have come to me in hope that the amazing products they’ve found will improve my health.

Whilst I’d love a quick-fix miracle cure, if it was that easy I’d be better by now! However, I was approached by one friend whose numerous attempts to get me to try the product (at her own expense, I might add) were genuine. Her health hadn’t been good for the past few years and we shared quite a few symptoms.

She called me to tell me she had discovered Simply Natural Minerals and her health had improved massively since being on them. She had more energy and her hair and skin were in better condition. She told me how much more she was able to do now, and I admit I was impressed. She implored me to try them, but I don’t part with money easily, and I’m a sceptic when it comes to these things.

Over the next couple of months she told me of more and more people who had tried the minerals and improved with them, particularly one lady with ME. She also told me of an offer where I could try them and get my money back if they didn’t work. That was what swayed me in the end and I placed an order.

first pack from simply naturals sizzling minerals order

I chose the Cherry flavour. It wasn’t very cherry and it was quite tart. But I’m not a big fan of sweet drinks so I wasn’t put off by it. It took a couple of minutes for the wafer to fully dissolve.

cherry mineral wafer dissolving in a glass

The only difference I noticed during the first few days were that my number two’s were a green colour. Then the headaches started. I’m prone to headaches any way but these were a lot more intense in pain, concentrated in one area and sore to touch. I also got more intense pains in my arms and legs. After nearly two weeks I stopped taking the minerals and the symptoms stopped. I was told to cut my wafer in half and have half in the morning, half in the evening to help my body digest it better, but it didn’t help.

A month later I tried the orange ones to see if a different flavour would help. My sister gave me 4 of her wafers. I didn’t have any adverse affects to the orange ones but I also didn’t feel any improvements either. All the reviews I read and the people I knew who had taken them said they felt improvements within the first day or two. I decided not to continue; partly because I’d felt no improvements, partly because the side effects I’d felt in the previous batch had made me wary.

Although my experience wasn’t a great one, I do know they have worked for my friend and I gave the rest of my minerals to my sister who has had some health troubles since pregnancy. For her they did make a difference. She’s kindly shared her experience:

Before I got pregnant I would run every morning for half an hour and was a size 10. I would walk to get anywhere I needed to go even if it took me over an hour and wouldn’t bat an eye about it.

By 8 weeks in my pregnancy I got incredibly ill. Most days I couldn’t get out of bed or even look at a phone screen without being violently sick. At my worst I couldn’t even talk, if I did I’d be interrupted by vomit. The sickness eventually got better to the point that I could perform the basic functions of every day life.

As the pregnancy progressed my health got worse. I would get flu symptoms without having the flu, I would get physically shattered after standing up for 5 minutes to do the washing up. My daily choices energy wise became having a shower in the morning and getting dressed properly or doing the chores for the day.

After giving birth to the most glorious beautiful little boy my health did start to improve as in the sickness left and I could stand for a little bit longer but my energy choices were still the same and I still got the flu like symptoms without having the flu.

6 months on and the thought of exercise was still a pipe dream. My sister convinced me to try the sizzling minerals. They hadn’t worked for her but she thought they might be worth a try for me.

Sceptically I gave them a try. I was very pleasantly surprised. 4 days into taking them I walked for 40 minutes and still had enough energy left to make tea for the family and the flu symptoms had stopped. I had also started to eat very healthily around the same time as taking the minerals and I wondered whether my change had happened because of that and not the minerals so I kept eating healthy and stopped taking the minerals. After a day the flu symptoms came back and I was lethargic. I started taking the minerals again and 4 days later felt amazing.

I’m now 2 months into taking the minerals and healthy eating. I’m walking 10,000 steps a day, sometimes 20,000 and going to the gym 3-4 times a week. With being so unwell for a long time I’m now a size 16 so exercise is not as easy as it was but I’m on my way back to what I was and I’m feeling fantastic 😊